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    Kayaking for Fitness

    If improving your fitness levels was among your resolutions this year, you should consider kayaking. Most people consider paddling to be a fun activity, but it offers more than just a good time. Some physical benefits associated with kayaking include increased aerobic capacity, toned upper body, core conditioning, and weight loss among others. Kayaking also offers some psychological benefits such as stress reduction and the satisfaction that come with establishing new social connections. First, this article looks at how kayaking can help someone become fit and healthy.

    Core Conditioning

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    The core is a major muscle in our bodies. And if you didn’t know, a strong core is what determines how strong you are. Thus, if you are looking for a workout to build your stamina and overall fitness levels addling a kayak into your fitness program is the way to go. Whenever you are on a kayak, your core is subject to small and constant muscle movements when paddling or balancing the kayak. Repeated padding excursions go a long way on strengthening your core without you even realizing.

    Aerobic Fitness

    When it comes to using a kayak to improve your aerobic fitness, you should be thinking about how you paddle. Aerobic fitness is all about enhancing your respiration levels, lung capacity, and your heart’s pumping abilities. If you have your eyes set on becoming fitter on this front, you should be prepared to improve your paddling rates once in a while gradually. Thus, you should not be very comfortable while on the waters, and the best way to do this is by competing with other paddlers.

    Weight Loss

    woman kayakingLosing weight is the key to becoming fitter. As much as you might fit, shedding some excess fat can help you improve your activity levels in many ways. It is has been established that an hour of regular paddling can see you burn close to 200 calories. The number of calories can reduce or increase depending on how you paddle. Notwithstanding, the key to weight loss is to cut down your calorie intake. Cut down your portion sizes and embrace healthy dietary practices.

    Paddling your way to fitness requires you to invest both your time and resources – you need some kayaking essentials, and of course, some time to paddle. When you have the will to set aside some time for kayaking, get some kayaking essentials from https://www.freedomhawkkayaks.com/best-kayak-sail-kit/. Having the right gear will see you start with the right footing, and also improve your chances of realizing your fitness goals.